GreekFest Re-Invented!


This year our famous Louisville GreekFest had to adapt to the widespread COVID pandemic. We couldn't continue 20 years of tradition by holding the regular Louisville GreekFest as usual during the first weekend of June, instead, we brought you the GreekFast n' Go on August 22nd! What a big success!

The GreekFestival Committee has decided to redo this wonderful event, the GreekFast N' Go again, for ONE DAY ONLY! On November 7th we will be open for the drive-thru event, where we will continue to bring you a taste of Greece right to the comfort and safety of your car.

With new safety measures in place such as wearing masks, staying in the car at all times, touch-free payment, and social distancing in place, we are taking all precautions to have a safe and successful event.

Taste of Greece

Well known as one of the healthiest (and yummiest) cuisines around the globe, Mediterranean ingredients like olive oil, feta cheese, or nuts are always part of the Greek Cuisine. Discover the taste of Greece through our available menu. Don't miss our tasty Gyros, Greek pastries and other delicious desserts! 



GreekFest 2020

Drive-thru only!

 930 Ormsby Lane

Louisville KY 40242



Credit card payment only*

*No online orders





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