Pastries Edition


Baklava   $3/piece
Kataifi   $3/piece

Karidopita   $3/piece

Koulourakia   $3/3 pieces

Marble koulourakia   $3/3 pieces

Tsoureki   $9/loaf

Kourambiedes   $3/2 pieces

Galaktoboureko   $3/ piece

Ergolavos   $3/ piece


Drive-thru only

Credit card only - no cash



Baklava is a layered pastry dessert made of filo pastry, filled with chopped nuts, and sweetened with syrup or honey. It is one of the most famous and delicious Greek desserts of all time! Good any time of day or night.
Koulourakia are a small butter cookie that are hand rolled and shaped into fun twisted designs. Crispy on the outside, but tender on the inside, these cookies are buttery, with a hint of orange essence. 
Kataifi is an amazing dessert made with roughly chopped walnuts, scented with ground clove and cinnamon, wrapped into buttered cripsy shredded wheat dough and bathed in lemon scented syrup.
Tsoureki is a Greek holiday bread that is made by Greeks during Easter. It is made from a sweet yeast dough of flour, sugar, butter and milk. Light and wonderful especially toasted with marmalade or just honey and butter!
Galaktoboureko is a traditional Greek dessert made with layers of golden brown crispy phyllo, sprinkled with melted butter, filled with the most creamy custard and bathed in scented syrup.
Karidopita is a mouthwatering super moist Greek walnut cake recipe, scented with the aromas and blends of cinnamon and grounded clove infused with a cinnamon flavoured syrup.
Marble Koulourakia is the chocolate option of the Koulourakia cookies which is is a mixed of dough with chocolate dough. They go great with a cup of coffee or afternoon tea!
Kourambiedes are a light shortbread style cookie made with plenty of butter, sugar and flour and  flavored with vanilla and coated in powdered sugar. A delicious treat sugary treat
Ergolavos - Crescent Almond Cookies they are large horseshoe shaped almond/cherry flavored cookies sprinkled with almonds on top. Very good looking and tasty!!